Things I was wrong about.

1. I think I said I didn't hate the Yankees anymore. I don't know about that. Because the thought of them winning the WS this year is as revolting as four and twenty Magnums baked in a pie.

2. Ron Calloway and Jermaine Van Buren

3. I never really understood blogging. Vain and self-absorbed much? Who the fuck is reading this shit? Then, I don't know, I don't know what happened. I realized I didn't necessarily need anyone to read my blog. It's a compulsion. I did it for myself.

At the same time, I am vain and HOPELESSLY self-absorbed.

4. I shouldn't have said that Jeff Bailey has a low IQ. That was sort of mean and personal. I'm sorry, JB.

5. I thought Lenny Dinardo had some kind of potential. I liked him. But at the Futures game I was irritated by his start. I realize now that Lenny D is nearly useless.

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Jere said...

Hey, at least someone other than me commented!

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