I work in Massachusetts and a lot of my co-workers were urging me to vote "yes" casino-wise. This is not actually voting for a casino, but more like voting for the OPPORTUNITY to vote for a casino.

I haven't decided which way I'm going yet, though. Aren't casinos bad? I've been to Foxwoods and I think it's weird. The few times I've gambled I've pretty much stopped when I broke even. I'm crazy like that.

Yesterday was the 5th anniv. of you-know-what. I am not at all patriotic, which translates into "I hate America and I am glad all those people died" for some people. Just because I do not align myself with Toby Keith or have stupid magnetic r/w/b ribbons on my car does not make me pro-terrorism.

Eh, I'll stop right there.


Baseball Diva said...

I've got your back.

Jenks said...

Thanks. Got yours, too.