9.1.06 Brockton Rox v. New Jersey Jackals - Puritocracy

Brockton WINS! both games of this double header

This was my third visit to Campanelli Stadium, but the first time I actually made it inside. I had great seats but unfortunately, no one to share them with. So I went by myself.

I missed the first two innings of the first game because I GOT LOST! There, I said it. Getting lost is both shameful and necessary, because how else would you know where anything is? When you get lost, you discover new delis and gift shops and prettier gardens and stranger citizens. Yes.

It was a special occasion at Campanelli. Native Brocktonian Rocky Marciano would have been celebrating a birthday if he weren't dead. When the Rox players' smiling mugshots appeared on the scoreboard during their at-bats, they were accompanied by creepy ghost pictures of RM in the background. Nice touch.

The park is small, but very nice and has great facilities. If you like beer, you can get 24oz Foster drafts for four dollars! If you don't like beer, they have a Polar cola vending machine! I think that's excellent, escpecially for people who refuse to buy Coke/Pepsi products.

I've seen the Rox play a few times before, but always as a visiting team. It was great to see them at home. They announced during the game that manager Chris Miyake would continue to manage the team in 2007. This was great news for everyone, but especially for me because I am in love with Chris Miyake, the manager.

I only have one minor complaint: the PA person announced the team before the game, but it was not the starting line-up. It was merely a position-by-position list. Why would you do that, Brockton Rox PA person? A lot of people are going to assume you're running down the line-up and they'll fill out their sheets and logs and then they're going to wind up scribbling out most of it.

Terrible. Job. (tm)

In conclusion, I really enjoyed the Can-Am League this summer. They have some real talent out there and some wonderful little parks. I'm thinking about going to New Jersey next summer to check out some of those guys (Sussex Skyhawks and NJ Jackals). It was fun. And now it's over. It's practically snowing on the infield already.

Two things:
1. The Brockton Rox program is so hilarious. While many of the players have the regular up-against-the-wall/Kleig light shots in their profiles, a lot of them also have some candid photography going on. For example, one guy's chilling at home in a comfy chair reading the paper. Another guy looks like he's putting his skis on top of his jeep in the driveway. They look a little like singles ads.
2. I am apparantly not too sophisticated that I don't find two random audience members doing battle in those crazy fat sumo suits hilarious. HIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!

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