then when i had nothing

The biggest, goofiest guy on the PawSox got traded the other day. That would be Bausher. He wasn't a great pitcher, but he always looked... happy. He could have been a violent prick for all I know, but whenever he was walking out to the bullpen, I just wanted to climb onto his back and play Horserace.

I will always remember how he used to lay a towel down on the bullpen wall and rest his arms on it as he watched the game. Like an old lady. I hope he gets to play some ball for the Reds.

I will miss Tim Bausher.


Jere said...

I'll never forget when the Sox got Bausher, because I wrote this about it:


Reading it now, and with no context around it, it almost seems I was actually excited to see what dirtdogs would say, but it was highly sarcastic, as I was making fun of him, like, every day at that point.

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Jere said...

Hey you changed the comment time/date thing to reflect the date, and it went back and updated all the old ones! Sweet! Wow, look at the spam on this post! Guddy vaj!