Mostly for Vee

Okay, so, somewhere on the New York Thruway I thought: wow, wouldn't it be neat if I were staying at the PawSox hotel?

When I got to my motel, I prayed that they weren't there. It was a depressing dump of a place. Don't get me wrong... I'm cool with a shabby motel. But there has to be SOMETHING, charm, amenities, reception.

And then I saw where they were staying and I thought, why does Bob have such a nice kitchen? Their hotel was big league. So shut up, minor leaguers.

I told you that to tell you this. My motel was right on top of Chili Dr. Weird name, right? Turns out there's a nearby city called Chili. This made me think of Chili Davis. So, whatever.

At the night game I went to buy a delicious beer (Red Wing Red Ale) and I asked the beer people where the local kids had breakfast. As in eggs and homefries. I mentioned that I was staying in the Chili area.

The woman who poured my beer said, "Oh,you mean Chi-li?" As in rhymes with jai-alai. Or hi-fi.

And all I could think of was, I can't wait to tell Vanessa. I said, "That's the funniest thing I've heard all day."

Chi-Li. Get it right, stupid.


Jere said...

That's so funny, because for some weird reason, I think from him being in the Nintendo game RBI baseball, I always called Chili Davis "Chi-Li Dah-VEE."

So, what are the odds that someone writes a post about Chili being pronounced "Chi-Li" and having "Vee" in the title? I'd say infinity to one-ish.

Jere said...

And, ironically, the person I play RBI with to this day is Brian, formerly of The Pist. He can verify my Chi-li Da-VEE pronunciation.

Baseball Diva said...

Charlotte Street is pronounced Shallot Street.

Avon is Ave-on.

Anonymous said...

I still laugh everytime I hear myself saying "I'll have the I-talian dressing". That place had those really good pickles on the tables, remember?

Jenks said...

Yeah, pickles are good. I hope yours come out! I also hope they're dill!

I can't imagine a life without pickles.