8.15.06 Pawtucket Red Sox v. Buffalo Bisons (CLE): FUCK YR FANS

Pawtucket LOSES!!! YES!! THEY LOST! 4-3

And I have turned a corner, here. I don't wanna go to the park anymore. I had a bad night. I was tired and cranky and the game was boring. Buffalo was leading 4-1. Charlie Zink was pitching, and why does it seem like he pitches every time I go to a game?

The thing that really pissed me off was the ninth inning. Buffalo sent in this guy, Mujica, who was big and greasy and therefore an effective closer. Right? WRONG. Suddenly, people were getting on base and getting batted in. Then comes the bottom of the order.

The generally useless Tyler Minges had a decent at-bat but eventually lined out to Lou Merloni. I never liked Lou Merloni. Why did you guys like him so much? Because he's from Mass? Look, Barry Hertzler is from Rhode Island and I couldn't care less. Come on. Lou Merloni is 35 years old and playing in Triple A. What has he accomplished? Robin to Nomar's Batman?

Alejandro Machado did something that I blocked out... I could see Huckaby on deck and I began to feel desparate... it's the last out, it's 4-3 now, couple of runners on...and I knew when they announced him. Game over. HOW CAN YOU NOT PINCH HIT FOR SUCKABY? YOU CAN WIN THIS GAME!!!! KEN HUCKABY WILL NOT GET AN RBI! God, put anybody else in there! You have another catcher! What about Stern? What about Jermaine Van Buren, he's a big guy!

Before KH even received his first pitch I packed away all my gear after logging the final score as 4-3. And he struck out. End. He threw his bat in frustration and I should have thrown it back at him. Hard. Because I hate you, Ken Huckaby.

I will be at the park Wednesday for social reasons. But fuck it. If they don't care I don't either.

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