I wanna tell you a story about the last time I was in Portland.

Futures went well. Both home teams won. I busted out in hives for the first time in my life, which is pretty unnerving. For a split second, I thought I might die.

I think the highlight for everybody was watching Josh Papelbon pitch. It might be one of the most spastic pitching deliveries I've ever seen. You really have to see it.

That was probably not my own personal highlight. For me it was congregating briefly with my crew on the third base concourse and seeing the PawSox kids file past in full uni as everyone cheered! Yay! We got acknowledgement from Durrington, Machado (who could possibly be classified as a simpleton), and strangely enough, Hee-Seop. Choi is not really into fans, I've noticed.

Our beloved Ron Calloway was probably too cool to shoot us a nod. I still love him.

Two things:
1. If you saw someone with a black t-shirt adorned with an orange capital letter such as "T", yes, that was me/us. No, we are not his family. Crikey!
2. The woman next to me in the bleachers shouted out at one point, "I LOVE single A ball!" Sure. I noticed a LOT of honest-to-goodness minor league baseball fans from far and wide... Oneonta folks and Rochesterites and people who had sea monsters and alligators on their caps. I imagine the usual corps of premium ticket holders stayed away in droves.
3. It was weird to see a lot of the players in their uniforms just kind of meandering around the concession areas. I saw Shawn Wooten hanging out, sneezing. It was the first time I've seen a pro baseball guy sneeze.
4. I saw many more people that I know than I expected.
5. Carlos Pena had a nice home run experience. Pawtucket has mathematically been eliminated from the playoffs, but they seemed in pretty good spirits.

It didn't rain, it was a good time, the end. I'll be at McCoy tonight with some people for a birthday shindig. It won't be sanctioned by the staff of the Pawtucket Red Sox, but sometimes you just have to seize the Danish.



Jere said...

So the T was for Trent, I guess. Why was it orange, though? I have scanned my photos of the bleachers in the background, but couldn't find a black dot with a tinier orange dot on it.

Jenks said...

I was in a rush and the craft store I was at only had two white t-shirts left in XL.

So I had to use black...and I like orange. And I had to double up on one shirt, see. It's really a lot of work for very little payoff, but Trent saw us and I'd like to think he was delighted, not frightened.