8.19.06 The Smoking Popes @ The Living Room (PROV) - tickets torn in half

I only had the one CD from The S.P.'s and they didn't play a single song off of it. An audience member requested one of those old ones and was essentially brushed off.

HOWEVER... when whichever Caterer brother is the singer kicked off the set by playing "Pure Imagination" from Willie Wonka, singing in his nasal, swanky and yearning voice, I was transfixed. They played a lot of new stuff that's going to be on their new album... it was sweet and melodic, not sappy, and good enough for me.

I was looking at flyers for upcoming shows and I noticed that both the Queers and the Business are coming. The Business: nyet. Who fucking asked them to come back and play? I HATED the Business... all those Boston skins ruining everything. The Queers: yes, please. And also, have I gone back in time?

Til next time.

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