8.16.06 PAW v. SWB (PHI) - for unless they see the sky

Pawtucket WINS! 7-3

And NO Huckaby, no way.

New kid Rob Henkel (lefty) started for Pawtucket and did well. 6 innings, 5 K's, one walk, one earned run. Thank you for the dub. Javier Lopez pitched the ninth.

Eude Brito started for SWB. I like their uniforms, with the sox up. Brito gave up 4 runs in five innings, got yanked in the sixth for Crowell. Et cetera.

It was very nice to see the hapless Pawtucket Sox with a strong win. Adam Stern has not been in the lineup, but he's still in Pawtucket hanging out in the bullpen. I do like Trent Durrington batting leadoff. He's been very successful in that slot. Take last night's game, for ex. Nice job, Thunder From Down Under.

Dustin Pedroia was once again defensively dazzling, snaring a pair of smoking line drives while playing second.

Two things:
1. It was replica jersey night, okay? Well, the place was booming! I got there at six, which I think is early. No jerseys left. We were almost going to go sit in the outfield (I had GA) but one member of our party ran into someone we knew who was leaving. So she gave us their box seats.
2. Machado homered... you like that, don't ya?
3. Willie Harris is fantastic in Pawtucket. In Boston, he's nothing special. Every day I'm hustling.
4. You know how at the condiment station they usually have chopped onions? God, use them! Put 'em on your mini pizza, your cheese fries, your pretzel, your popcorn!

That's it for me baseball-wise this week, unless something interesting happens with New York. Saturday night I'm going to see the Smoking Popes at the Living Room. Let's hear it for love!

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