when will i see you again? (precious moments)

Boston won last night, and it was a tight one! It was cool to see Jered Weaver, wasn't it?

I love the lullaby of west coast games... wrapped up on the couch in flannels, eyelids slipping downward in the seventh inning, Don and Jerry singing in my ear... the jerk and twist when DO's voice gets louder and more high-pitched as a ball travels away away and GONE!

And Pedroia...I'm sure that as a full grown man and a Major League Baseball Player, he wouldn't appreciate me calling him adorable, but come on.

Pawtucket lost last night... Charlie Z. gave up all the runs in one inning. They've been using Tim Bausher as a starter lately, and he's been okay. The time is coming soon when the Boston Sox strap on their Viking helmets and pillage Pawtucket, robbing Ron Johnson of all his best people. I guess it doesn't matter anyway, since Pawtucket's in the shitter.

Bob Dylan's playing at McCoy tonight and it's not nearly close to being sold out. Everybody loves Bob Dylan, but who really wants to see him play live at this point?

Futures Saturday! I've begun making preparations for merriment already. It's going to rain, of course. I'll be there for both games. Someone asked me if the games are going to be seven innings or what. I would imagine it'd be two nine-inning games, but what if I'm wrong? I HATE being wrong!

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Jere said...

I also love the Red Sox late show. I always feel like I'm the last person up, like all the other fans have gone to sleep, and I'm on overnight watch, like at NORAD or something.

Have fun at Futures. Look for me! Section 51. I'll be the guy next to the pretty girl. I won't get there til 3, though. A game and a half is enough for me. Rain? Seriously? That will be the second time in three days for me going to an outdoor event and not even considering the possibility of rain and then getting rained on. (I know what you're saying: "But Commenty McGee, you know now, you can prepare. The game's tomorrow." But, I'm headed up to Boston right from work today. I've already packed. Didn't even bring anything with long sleeves, let alone a hood. Damn. Another missed chance at wearing my Red Sox poncho, bought in the 80s. Well, my girlfriend will bring an umbrella. So, there is that. Enough out of me. Am I still in the parentheses here? Yes.)