I read it in the paper, they're crazy!

Heard the Red Sox aren't doing very well, but shouldn't you have a molecule of happiness for KC? Imagine how happy they are! I'm sure it was quite a morale booster for Team Pathetic.

One of the gifts I got for My Special Day was a Fodor's Baseball Vacations book. Wow, how did she know I liked baseball? It includes most of the minor league parks, too, so I love this book.

Tomorrow I might go to a Can-Am game. Like Nashua or Brockton or something. Pawtucket won't be back for a while.

That "Cherry Tree" song? With the endless "woo-oo"? I want to gouge my eyes out with toga pins when I hear it.

I know what you're thinking: Doesn't this woman have a JOB?

Yes. Yes, I do.


Jere said...

I always am happy in general when a Davey beats a Goli-ey. But in baseball, I tend not to feel sorry for the little teams when they play us, because then I end up kicking myself when I watch that same team face the Yanks and play like, like, like we've been playing lately.

Anonymous said...

I think you should stop spending so much time calling ProFM requesting "Ain't no other man" for Marc and start writing new entries for your blog.