8.28.06 Pawtucket Red Sox (BOS) v. Rochester Red Wings (MIN) - Jeff Bailey has a low IQ

Rochester WINS! in 5 innings. 9-4

I thought this game was going to be rained out. We were at a family-style party playing TP and getting more and more bored. Someone suggested we just drive down to the park anyway. It was about 9:30 at this point. So we did and they had just started playing ball! And it was going so well! But CZ gave up so many runs and Pawtucket was just galumphing around in the sodden field and everyone left and Thunder wasn't even in the lineup. And Ken Huckaby was Ken Huckaby and contributing nothing except the sweet, cool breeze of his whiffing bat. Whoosh!

They shut down a lot of the concessions. It was really wet. The park was empty and echoey... not a good night for baseball but a good night for me. I like games played in empty halls in bitter weather. Not more than sunny, well-attended games, but I do like the stillness and the amplified sounds from the field.

I have Friday off and I'm considering driving to New Haven for a Can-Am game. I'm torn between that and the next-to-last Pawtucket game. I have one ticket to the last game of the year but I cannot attend.

I think New Haven might be just a tad bit too far.

I'll be at the park tomorrow night.

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