Hope for the hopeless

I thought this merited its own thread, even though it's Futures related.

I was standing in the long, long beer line during the Spinners game. At one point I was near the Fried Dough Decoration Station, what with its sugars and powders and so forth. I noticed an untouched slab of fried dough sitting there, abandoned. Shivering. I waited as other people came and went and still the fried dough remained.

You must understand this, I've watched you for so long. The food at Fenway is heinous and overpriced. Yes. But it is even worse if you are a vegetarian. And I don't even really care for fried dough. But I was hungry.

I totally snarfed the fried dough. You know I did. It was gone by the time the beer person was taking my order.

By the way, I am not a vegetarian. I just don't eat meat. There is a difference, yo.

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