I think I don't like the Worcester Tornadoes. The park, Hanover Insurance Park at Fitton Field, is boring. And stupid. And a jerkface.

They do have this peewee little batboy who is like a little man. The infielders throw balls to this sandbox-aged tyke and he makes great diving catches while running his little legs off. It's remarkable.

The Tornadoes won tonight. I won't get too specific because I cannot imagine anyone gives a rat's ass, myself included. The home plate umpire was massive and when he called strikes, it sounded like someone had dropped an anvil on his foot.

Some guy asked me if I was a scout, but he was too drunk for it to be a flattering question. He did explain this to me: in the Can-Am League, the season is divided into halves. The winner of the first half plays the winner of the second half for the championship. If the same team wins both halves, there's no playoff. Does that sound right?

No, that sounds weird.


Jere said...

Crap. If I'd seen you were going to the Torrr-NAD-os game I would have asked you to get Gedman pictures! Oyyyygggggh.

Did you see him?

Did you get near him?

Did you breathe the same air he did?

Jere said...

And terrible job with the halfs. That's how Ridgefield Little League did it in the 80s!