8.29.06 PAW v. ROC - can't smile without you

I don't know who won this game and I'm not going to look it up.

I left this game in the sixth inning. The game was tied at 4. It was wet and cold and depressing and I was all by myself. I understand that this is the final homestand and each game is PRECIOUS but seriously, I ain't going out like that.

There was a guy sitting in front of me with three daughters and a son. At one point during the game he asked one of his daughters to trade seats with his son so his son would be sitting next to ol' Dad. And then Dad chummily put his arm around his son and learned him good about baseball.

Fucking asshole.

Come to think of it, didn't Pawtucket win this game? RC homered? Yeah?

I have managed to free up my Saturday night so I will be going to the Last Home Game of the Year at McCoy. I will not, however, be going to New Haven for baseball Friday night, as I have committed to a social engagement that evening.

I'm in a wicked bad mood.

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Jere said...

Saturday: Last chance to go to McCoy. I've never been there, and thought about going on my way up to Boston. Ah, the minors, front row seats and a back rub for a nickel. Ah, the last game, tickets easy to come by. Nope and Nope. Trot, Tek and Gonzo rehabbing, all tix sold out!

Next year.