8.3.06 Pawtucket v. Syracuse Sky Chiefs: Foulke Has Two Girlfriends

Syracuse WINS! 12-3 (thanks, relievers!)

Only a few hours ago I was all excited about the vase and the Enrique Wilson thing. Enrique Wilson is gone. He retired. His knees were just a mess and everything hurt. He obviously does not care about the fans. Or their knick-knacks.

I don't have a whole lot to say about the game itself, partially because I had to stop scoring when the rain began. My gear was getting all wet. And, oh yeah, Pawtucket got whooped.

Wow, hot today or what? Keith Foulke... no, not the one from Boston! Except, yes! He pitched the first inning and did fine. I thought McCoy would be banged out, but it wasn't full at all. No one cares about Texas Boy.

I should backtrack at this point. It was Poster Night, which is the very special night where the fans can go onto the warning track and get any autograph they want. I had a small list of priority players, which changed after I found out about El Jefe. As follows: Marc Deschenes, Jeff Bailey, Corkstah, and possibly Ron Calloway.

I got all the above except for Calloway... I was so close. I also got a few more that I didn't necessarily want. Like Van Buren, who was really nice but freaking ruined my PawSox lunchbox. Marc Deschenes was so sweet... I told him that since Hee-Seop got the boot, he's a contender for the spelling out of his four-letter name on our t-shirts at the Futures game. Him or Zink.

"Nice," is what he said.

Other players worth mentioning: Alejandro Machado, who was giggly and sweet and ADORABLE... Trent Durrington, who obliged a VERY special request and was awesome about it. And as I mentioned before, Jermaine Van Buren was super nice and friendly. I still sort of hate him, though.

Kason Gabbard took over after Foulke split, and did okay until everything went cuckoo in the 7th. Javier Lopez gave up a million runs. Barry Hertzler didn't do much better. It was raining. Too bad, Pawtucket.

Two things:
1. Remember Bob Tewksbury? Well, Tewks works for the PawSox now. I'm not sure what his position is, but he was sitting in the dugout in uni. I'm guessing bullpen coach... but I don't know if they have that in the minors.
2. Although it was Poster Night, I rolled mine up and stashed it immediately. They are pretty useless.
3. They had the Big Three at one table: Stern, Pedroia, and Murphy. All very nice and cordial.
4. C. Miller and Hustlin' Willie went back-to-back.
5. Tho' it was oppressive early on, it turned out to be a nice night for an evening.

I'll be at the first game of the double header tomorrow. On my birthday! Happy Birthday, JS!

It's also Luke Allen's birthday, but he's also not a Pawtucket Sox any more. So long, sweetheart!

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