Chris Carter has a weight problem.

So it appears that PawSox "fielder" Chris Carter has LOST WEIGHT for the second off-season in a row! (He was in Providence the other day). Last year it was a virus he picked up in Venezuela. This year, I don't know. But he has lost weight... if you want to go ahead and say it has something to do with steroids, go for it. I'm drunk, but I'm not that drunk.

In a related story, it looks like Jeff Bailey's coming back to Pawtucket. You know those commemorative portraits that're hanging up as you spiral your way up the ramps at McCoy? If Jeff Bailey doesn't get one, I'm changing my name to 'Dandelion' and chaining myself to a tree. You heard it here first.

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Anonymous said...

chris is a personal friend of mine. he gained weight (after being sick) last year in pawtucket because he thought it helped him hit better. however in the off-season he was dedicated to working on his defense, and went to the gym up to three times a day. he has worked hard and is more agile and quick. he is tearing it up in fort myers. he definitely never took steroids. he went to stanford for god's sake, he knows better than to take steroids