Paul McAnulty: pudimos habereselo mostrado a todos...

Chip Ambres is a better outfielder than Paul McAnulty. McAnulty could be your backup outfielder... with the occasional 1B/DH appearance. But can he pitch in blowout games like Trent Durrington?

Padres fans disliked McAnulty. They were disappointed, overall, with the team in 2008. I know this because I read it on the internet. But there were so many injuries and they did what they had to! They were young! They needed the money!

So yeah, McAnulty. He seems kind of thick for an outfielder. He's built more like a catcher or first baseman. Does well in minors (304/.395/.493 lifetime)... less so in the majors (208/.324/.330 lifetime). He has been compared to Matt Stairs. I'll bet he gets mad ladies! He maybe claims that he wanted to go somewhere he felt needed, which sounds like baloney to me... when players say things like that, it's because they're pissed off at their last team... or because they didn't get what they wanted (usually playing time).

P. McAnulty is potentially competing with Chris Carter/Jeff B for a bench spot. And Brad Wilkerson, should he heal up and contribute.

And anticipating search queries: Paul McAnulty probably has a girlfriend/is married.

PS: As much as I dislike Jeff Bailey being considered an outfielder, he did play out there in 34 games for Pawtucket. Bailey covered first base in 68 Pawtucket games. So mathematically, he was at first for EXACTLY TWICE as many games as he was in the outfield. That Ron Johnson... he sure knows his way around a calculator!

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