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Do you or have you ever tipped a Fenway Park usher? Or is that just a season ticket holder thing? Please respond in the comment section.


Jere said...

I just thought about this! I remembered being little and my dad doing this. I imagined myself interviewing one of those crusty Fenway ushers about it. I feel like there are so few no-shows at Fenway these days, that there's nowhere to move up to. But maybe if you're the only one to try it every game, you have a good chance of the guy knowing who isn't showing up that night--then again, everybody sells their seats if they can't go.

While writing this, I realized you could've meant just in tipping them in general. If so, no. Why would you do that? A water costs like 24 bucks, and I can find my seat myself. In fact, I haven't been ushed in years.

Jenks said...

I really just meant in general. You know, they escort you to your seat, wipe the pigeon shit off.

I never thought about slipping an usher a sawbuck for a better seat. I should try that in Norwich and see what happens.

Jere said...

Yeah, try the payola upgrade in the minors--should work.

It's now coming together in my mind how the ushing system works at Fenway. I think the classic old guys with the special suits only escort you if you have a box seat. Above a certain level, they just point. And in the bleachers, they have the younger people, who also just point you if you need it. I'll have to pay more attention to this in '09.

Jenks said...

Wow, thanks to everyone who participated in the poll! Results will be posted after I sift through a few more contributions!