Adam Ain't

I just read in the Pawtucket paper an article... Wait, that is a structurally deficient sentence. What am I, from Woonsocket?

Just read an article in the Pawtucket paper about players in danger of the Rule V. The list included Bubba Bell and Adam Mills.


Let's review some of my comments regarding Adam M:

1. "Red Sox starter Adam Mills was kind of a disaster." (April 25)

2. "Charlotte got eight hits off Mills, including a pair of solo home runs by outfielder Josh Kroeger and first baseman Dayan Viciedo." (May 6)

3. "Adam Mills had a great start. Five two-hit innings and one tiny run. But Joe Nelson got the win even though he only faced one batter and got him to fly out. I'm sure Nelson was man enough to take Mills aside and say, "This was all yours, brah." I know this because that is how jocks express emotions." (May 16)

4. "Righty Adam Mills got the start and did much better than last time. I mean, it wasn't exactly an oil painting (six runs on eleven hits) but the Red Sox didn't lose and that's what counts." (April 30)

5. "Adam Mills gave up one run in his six innings of being and nothingness." (June 8)

6. "Pawtucket starter Adam Mills is wearing the L. On his sweater, like Laverne." (June 13)

7. "Pawtucket starter Adam Mills didn't help with his eleven hits in 5 2/3, including two solo home runs. Why are all the PawSox starters so fucking boring? I wish I lived closer to Portland." (June 19)

8. "Adam Mills pitched five innings. He struck out six and walked two. And I fell asleep thinking about it." (July 9)

9. "Adam Mills got the win and I'm sure he called his Nonny afterward to tell her." (August 29)

10. "Adam Mills had his head ripped off by the end of the first inning. It all started when the rather fancy Reid Gorecki led the whole damn game off with a triple. You can't do that! You have to ease your way into the game! Triples don't belong in the first inning." (Septemberish)

Going back through the archives, I realized how little Pawtucket had to work with. TJ Large? Ramon Ramirez as a starter? Alex Hassan? Mark Holliman? Santo Luis? Aaron Bates?

Except Rich Hill, who was a real good guy who did a decent job.

And once again, I am so glad I stuck to my job even through the relentless disappointment and numbing boredom. I was reminded once again how damn awesome I am at this.


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