No, no, take your time. We'll just be waiting under the awning.

I tried to see what some Pawtucket kids are up to (mostly nothing) and I came across this:

"Pitcher Michael Bowden has yet to begin his stint with Magallanes, but is expected to head to Venezuela after his honeymoon in late November."

Although I'm sure Bowden's working out and conditioning and lifting weights and proteining up, it sounds like he's just gonna roll into VZ whenever he feels like it. I'm sure Bubba Bell appreciates that.

I'm not saying he shouldn't have his honeymoon and everything. But maybe he should have been there from the beginning... Of course, if he is getting married then he probably has a lot of prep work to do.

So maybe I'm just a jerk who doesn't think Bowden is all that. What do you want from me? Next year I'm going to Venezuela, because there's like nothing going on around here.

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