Mark Holliman update

Have you ever heard of the Winnipeg Goldeyes? Me neither. I'll bet they're bloodsucking freaks, though. Oh, yeah.

Anyway, this illustrious team of A Very North American League has some grip on our beloved Mark Holliman. To wit: "The Goldeyes further announced the club will retain the reversionary rights to pitcher Mark Holliman (Boston) and infielder Wes Long (Florida) should they be released by their major-league organizations."

Wait, 'reversionary rights'? Is that a thing? What is that?

How is it fair that I only got a small taste of M. Holliman when I wanted nothing more than to gorge on his Bausher-ness? Did you know that Holliman once pitched a seven inning perfect game? In that same game, he hit a two-run homer. And that is why you want to have sex with him. Plus you really liked his shirt...

I will keep you updated. And also, I notice you don't have a fencing team. Well, I'm gonna try my hardest to start one up for you guys.

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