Jed Lowrie could get rickets, you know!

I get pretty excited when one of these IL guys finally comes around to Pawtucket. Brent Dlugach is the first guy I've seen this off-season.

No one's specifically put him on the Pawtucket roster (except me, and no one ever consults me about this stuff), but come on.

Let's check out some humorous message board comments:

1. "Now some other city will get the statue of triumph most likely." - 'jaymo'
2. "You can all rest easy because Don Kelly is still protected on the 40-man." (ibid.)
3. "Now how will the Tigers ever contend?" - 'Antrat'
4. "It will take Boston and Pawtucket months to get his name right." - 'hueytaxi'
5. "My first thought was "YeA! The Tigers got another low minor league left handed bullpen arm coming from Boston..." - 'STLTiger69'

And I know how to pronounce his name, thanks. I foresee some cornball talk radio/sportsnetwork fumbling over it, though. The conventional media types can never let unusual names pass them by.

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