Dustin Richardson comes to my emotional rescue.

Appearing on a reality show does not automatically make you interesting. DUSTIN.

I should have gotten him drunk and broken him down into little pieces of humanity.

If Richardson walked into a bar with Tommy Hottovy, only I would know who they were and be able to tell them apart.

My imaginary bars always look like roadhouses with wooden floors and dead animals stapled to the walls and a gruff yet not unkind bartender.

Also, Taylor Buchholz is coming from Toronto. Last I knew he was in the NL on the Rockies or something, so, uh, welcome to Pawtucket, State of RhodeIslandandProvidencePlantations.

Speaking of Toronto, how would you like to see a baseball blog? It's called 'Moseby Fears Satan' and I think you would really like it.

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St Huck said...

Thanks for the plug and enjoy the Buchholz boys. They MAY be the new Niekros. MAY!