Pawtucket Red Sox Attendance Since the Inception of Baseball Heavy

I'm excluding 2005, since I wandered in halfway through the picture.

2006 - 613,065
2007 - 611,379
2008 - 636,788
2009 - 625,561
2010 - 592,326

Note the 2008 spike, thanks probably to the star-studded cast and the post-season appearance.

2010 was a drop of 33,235 meat units. That's a 5.3 percent drop. Not huge, but OH SO DANGEROUS. Maybe it's because Ron Johnson left. Maybe because, let's face it, the team was not only crappy but boring. Boston took most of the exciting people.

Let's get that Linares guy up in Rhode Island and generate some excitement! Let's bring back Latin Night! Let's get some beer vendors! Let's do feature stories on visiting players of note! Let me in the clubhouse and I'll ask some REAL questions!! Let's kill Reddick and Anderson! Let's find out once and for all about Craig Breslow's girlfriend! Let's grow some marijuana in the bullpen! Let's make the lucky row somewhere NOT in the first couple of rows of a red section! Let's get Buddy Cianci to replace Jim Martin! Let's buy a beach house for Gil Velazquez! Let's play some decent music between innings instead of the Black Beans and Rowanda!! Why not the Replacements? KISS ME ON THE BUS!!!!!

How come you're not as excited as I am?

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