I just wrote a song called 'fabio c.'

fabio c
a head over mouth
he's better built, that's all
he's built for speed
fabio c.

(Sorry, F. Black)

Castro's a Mariner without a trident and probably with no rime. He is ancient, though, you can see it in his eyes. So that was something that happened.

In a similar story, former PawSox cool guy Chris Smith has also been snapped up by Seattle. Chris Smith is not very good at acting disinterested, let me tell you.

I'M NOT FINISHED YET!!! Beloved superfielder Bobby Scales will still be living the Midwestern dream, as Chicago's kept him close for minor league hijinks. And in the middle of a celebration, I break down.

So... Whatever happened to William Bergolla? He was in the IL forever...

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