Ramp Champ #18: Scott Cooper

Scott Cooper is a third baseman who played in 261 games for the Pawtucket Red Sox between 1990-91. Which is when I was there, but we didn't like date or anything. Whatever.

In 1990, at age 22, Cooper hit 12 home runs in 124 games. Somehow, this only translated into 44 RBI. I wonder where he usually played in the lineup? Imagine a website with every lineup for every game ever played in the history of OB. GALACTIC.

Cooper fared a bit better in '91, leading the team in games played (137), RBI (72), HBP (7), hits (134!), and intentional walks (11).

But wait, there's more! Cooper was second in the International League for games played that year. AND HE WAS NUMBER ONE IN INTENTIONAL WALKS! Alright, Hamilton!

Two things:
1. Scott Cooper's backup third base-iness resulted in Jeff Bagwell being traded to Houston for uninteresting reliever Larry Andersen.
2. "[Russ] Davis is a nice little upgrade on Charlie Hayes, so the Giants gain a wee bit of depth. Sadly, Davis's career doesn't look like it will significantly outlast that of the man who arguably wrecked it: Wade Boggs. I guess he and Scott Cooper can kick back over a couple of beers and kvetch on the day the Chickenkiller is elected to the Hall of Fame." - from a very old transaction report

Scott Cooper is ready and waiting for you in the middle portion of the home plate tower.

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One More Dying Quail said...

"sure, we'll trade you Bagwell - we have Scott Cooper in the pipeline!"