February Is Short, But Long 2009


Jere said...

Kyjuss say something? I always bring this song up whenever someone's making fun of/imitating that vocal effect known to many as "that Cher thing." Because Cher popularized it in that Do You Believe in Life After Love song. You know, "do you be-lgleeve in laff afta luv afta luv afta luv...I can fglgeel somethglin insglide me sayin..." And then it got all popular and I was always like, "Utah Saints did that like ten years ago!" But no one listened. In fact, if I were to make a video using this song, I'd have it be about that effect, and how the guy has to sign his rights to it away, with Cher serving him the papers in the john. (Only in mine, I wouldn't have Cher's name on her back, when the audience clearly knows who it is. Seriously, can you believe they took it that far, after we saw the dance, the gold parachute pants, etc? Was there anyone saying, "I'm still just not sure what's going on here..." until they saw "MC Hammer" written out for them??)

Jenks said...

I agree about the MCH thing.

I never really liked this song much, but it's been stuck in my head since about 1992. I used to work in a department store, and in the 'hip' younger kids clothes section, they played videos like this over and over.

Next up: Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine and 808 State.