Denney Tomori: no relation to Conan's crazy,egg-laying ostrich

I don't know if you remember ST invitee Denney Tomori? Well, he never made it past Pawtucket. He was that not-terribly-effective righty sidearmish guy. Chose to put his first name instead of his last name on his uniform. (I had to laugh imagine Millar's uniform saying "KEVIN" on the back.)

He's on the Chunichi Dragons now and hoping to tear it up in Japan. I seem to remember "Denney" being his last name at one time, and then he discovered his father wasn't really his father or something and changing his name to Yui Denney Tomori. Or maybe I dreamed all that.

In other news, former PawSox announcer guy Andy Freed has been the announcer guy for Tampa Bay for a couple of years now. He brought up an interesting point: franchises who say the Devil Rays management is "difficult" are really just perturbed because the D-Rays aren't leaping into the deals offered to them heedlessly. I mean, they're just the Devil Rays! It's not like they need good players or anything! Do they think they're contenders or something? Anyhoo, Andy F. has himself a littleweb page. Go, team, go!

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