I blame Max Perlow for this.

Have y'all head the rumor about Hazel Mae and Terry Francona? So crazy it has to be true or file under Pop Rocks and Mikey?

At any rate, there will no longer be Friday night baseball on channel 38. NESN will be broadcasting ALL BOS games, screw everyone and have a good night. I don't even get that station and I'm pissed.

And for those of you who bitch about Hazel Mae and complain that she doesn't know shit about sports? Okay. Like Paul Fucking Devlin and his Freakishly Square Head is so smart.

So Manny suddenly wants to stay in Boston? What kind of concession did the guys upstairs make? He probably already has the best parking spot in that cramped 4x4 parking lot. Was it money? I doubt it. It's some kind of perk / arrangement. Bullshit, at any rate.

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