You'll never walk alone again

Kelly Shoppach's Texas license plate says "SHOP". Only this and nothing more. He also didn't like Buddy Bailey, I heard him say. I had hoped to get more for Kelly S. And I always felt bad that he never got a hit in Boston. Go forth and gunneth down AL Central runners!

In other news, the massive and broad-shouldered Wade Miller signed a one year deal with the Cubs. I saw him rehab in Pawtucket and it was very exciting. Then when he got to Boston he'd invariably find himself in the 4th inning with a pitch count of about 156. I had such high hopes! I'd say good luck but it would be hollow and insincere.

In other news, from my spot in the bleachers, I found Coco Crisp to be absolutely adorable. You want insight, go away and read someone else's blog. Don't you get it?

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Jere said...

My mom took a picture of the first pitch Shoppach saw in the majors. Granted, it was only because we were there at yankee Stadium that day, and I told her to do it, since she had the camera and I didn't, but still...

--The other JS