New Britain Rock Cats have sponsors on their uniforms.

Yes, they're sponsored by Harley-Davidson. I went to that park last year during one of my minor league benders. It's very nice.

What I really wanted to say is that Pawtucket's own Jay Rainville was drafted in the 39th round by the Twins last year and guess what? He'll be in AA this year most likely. Probably in relief.

Scout.com says: "Rainville has two plus pitches. He throws a 91-94 MPH sinker, and a power curve that already ranks as one of the best in the organization. He needs to work on his changeup if he wants to stay in the rotation, and if he doesn’t, he will probably be a short reliever. A former National Hockey League prospect, his aggressiveness is what makes him a high ceiling guy. "

So, yay and all of that.

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