I Heart Huckaby

Okay, so BOS has agreed to a minor league deal with Ken "Crash" Huckaby. This gives us Varitek, Flaherty, AND Huckaby, AND Shoppach? Okay, seriously, they'd better have something huge planned for Shoppach. Dumbasses.

Perhaps you all remember early, early '03 when Derek Jeter mangled his shoulder or elbow (whatevs) when Ken H. was blocking home plate and Deej slid right into him. At the time, I found this sort of funny.

I have acheived a modicum of baseball maturity since then, but I still enjoyed the story of Huck going up to Jeter and offering a sincere apology for the whole DL-dislocation-collision thing.

What Jeter should have said: "Hey, no problem, man!"

What he did say: Nothing. He ignored Huckaby, walked away. Nada. Poor Ken.

I can't remember if I mentioned this, but Dennis "Mark" Malaska is returning to the city by the bay. By that I mean Tampa. I wonder if this is some kind of Rule 5 thing? I'm not looking it up. This is a Neo-Impressionist baseball blog! Other people are doing this better and more thoroughly, so go read THEIR blogs! GOD!

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