That's me in the corner

How about that clean, close New England sunshine yesterday? Did you not love it?

Like many of you, I attended the Pawtucket Hot Stove Party yesterday. Unlike many of you, I got up early for my special day and went to the suddenly baffling and inverted Lincoln Mall and had a special t-shirt made at the T-Shirt City and Sports Mugs of Miscellany Shoppe.

I did sit in for a while on the Manny Delcarmen / Dave Pauley Q&A but found pitching coach Mike Griffin to be much more interesting. Why do all the minor leaguers seem either bored or stoned beyond belief at these things? And I love how everyone laughs politely when the little kids ask questions like, "What's your favorite kind of food?" Ha ha, very funny, motherfucker.

I didn't line up for autographs because I'm not an autograph person and for the most part I'd rather saw my own legs off than make awkward small talk with some jock with an unending thirst for Creed and Coors Lite. I took a few pictures, though, and they're unimpressive.

The best part for me was that a lot of my teammates showed up and we had fun reading the crap on the clubhouse bulletin boards and committing minor acts of theft and vandalism. And I bought tickets for Opening Day and for the 25th Anniversary game.

Final note: Jerry Kapstein was not there.

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