Shopping is fun! Shop with a buddy!

No, not really. I hate shopping. Unless it's junk shopping, which is how I've mostly comprised my wardrobe.

I LOVED the St. Vincent de Paul's here in CF. It was dirt cheap, crammed with stuff, and undiscovered by any trendy kids. I stopped by this morning to look for summer stuff and the woman that's worked there forever ever told me they'd be closed by the end of Feb. And now what is she going to do? She's fifty-ish with bad knees and no one will hire her. And you do not even know how much I love this sassy, motherly woman... I got a little misty talking to her about the end of it all.

Best thing I got there: about 100 45's, mostly old country like Ferlin Husky, Skeeter Davis and croony stuff like Al Martino and Keely Smith and Nat King Cole. But some seriously crazy obscure tunes. All for the paltry price of five dollars.

The number of stores I can / will shop at keeps dwindling. Pray for me.


Kim said...

Even the Garment District - up here in the greater Cambridge area- is ridiculous. They still have $1/pound, but only if you like sitting on the floor rummaging through the piles. Seriously, it's like a sea of filthy fabric stretched out across 600 square feet. All the other stuff is insanely marked up. I recently bought a pair of overallls there and paid way too much.

Jenks said...

Thanks for the perspective. I shouldn't be stroking out about this. Could be worse, could be NYC.