Here comes Geoff Blum.

I remember Geoff Blum from his '04 stint on the Devil Rays. Now the below-average infield utility guy hangs his jock in San Diego! Let's take a quick look.

First things first, he wound up in Tampa Bay because the Astros traded him for Brandon Backe. Wow, that is fucking awesome, Tampa Bay. I didn't know that. Ha.

Between CWS and San Diego last year he only played in 109 games. He pretty much sucked late in the year, batting 241 in 224 plate appearances. Nice .314 OBP, too!

Blum's signed for '06 (650K or so) but he'll be a free agent in '07 at age 34. Baseball Prospectus '05 says he "switch-sucks" equally from both sides of the plate. Bleak!

Alright, GB, good luck in '06. At least you get to see Doug Mirabelli every day.

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