10.27.06 The Queers @ The Living Room, Providence: manners and costumes

Big World WINS! because the guitar player looks like Frankenstein and because Frankly, they were good!

Other opening bands included Famous, some band, and some other high school ska band. Famous was really bad, but fortunately the WS was on the TV in the other room so I watched all that go down. Big World is a group of older guys from Newport and you can tell they've been there. The bass player was in Neutral Nation, okay? I'm pretty sure they sang a song about a big truck.

I enjoyed the Q's more in Providence because... well, Boston's got more of an uptight, style-conscious vibe. I'm so sorry, Boston, but let's be honest here. We're definitely not as pretty or refined in Providence. The show wasn't the event of the night, that's for sure. There weren't many people there. Live music's dead in Providence, but you knew that.

Some guy I used to work with played the drums for the Queers. And there was a fellow dressed as Santa Claus. A lot of stuff offa 'Love Songs for the Retarded'. Good show, everybody. Except you, Famous.

GN/BN: The Briefs are coming to the Living Room. Unfortunately, they are opening for The Casualties. Yuck!

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Jere said...

We played with the Caualties. And as google just told me, the show actually existed, on January 12, 2002.


You can guess which one was my band. Clue: It wasn't "Allergic to Whores," but I wish it was!!!!

PS. This isn't a "hey, we played with them, leave 'em alone!" post, it's a "you're exactly right about the Casualties" post.