Damn, it looks cold in Detroit. Remember how Brian Daubach always wore a mock turtleneck type thing under his uniform, even in July? And now some of these guys are in short sleeves. These two things are unrelated, but I like thinking about BD because I used to love that guy.

Last night I dreamed that Tony Clark had knelt down in front of a television set at home and shot himself. Dead! I didn't see it happen. Someone told me about it. I was very shocked.

Funny how Craig Monroe is in the WS. Craig... Monroe. Well, good for him.

One last thing: Have you ever heard a Yankee fan talk about Mike Mussina and how they want him to get a ring? Well, you know what the Russians say: Tough shitsky. Mussina might not get a ring and that's the way it goes. Maybe I wanted Brandon Lyon to get a ring. Or Scott Hatteburg or something. Jesus.

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Jere said...

I want Lou Merloni to have a ring.