i've been holding out so long

I haven't had a lot of time these days.

I was at my brother Phil's wedding reception Saturday and my friend B-Cat had extra Red Sox tickets so I did that. In the interest of time I drove up but didn't take "The Back Way" and so was deeply, deeply lodged in Kenmore Square almost up until game time.

So that was good. Being at times an emotional lady, I kept welling up during certain players' at-bats. Boston lost of course. I don't mean that in a disparaging way, except possibly toward myself. I just mean that the Red Sox record when I am present at Fenway is horrible. I had nice corporate seats in LF, but the weird British guy next to me had no regard for space and was sprawling into my seat area. He was also bitching to his friend about the wave.

I know that the wave is pretty stupid and that all the cool kids hate it, but I am not above participating in it. I won't say that people who sit there with their arms folded have sticks up their asses, but.

The bleachers were rollicking. I envied their spirit and volume.

Then yesterday when T. Francona lifted Trot Nixon I cried again. I can't really even think about it because I get a lump in my throat. Is it silly to get weepy over professional sports? Possibly. When I was in San Diego (because I was in San Diego) I was at their sports museum in the only section that matters... the baseball section. And they had a monitor that was showing miscellaneous Padres victories on a loop. A woman in a Padres jersey was sitting there watching the video and sniffling into her hanky. All by herself. I talked to her for a minute and she told me she was an usher at Petco. And I thought, that's me in 15-20 years. Jeez, it's practically me right now. Waah.

So long, Boston Red Sox. It was a pretty weird year and I'm looking forward to '07.

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