Luke's Record Exchange

What do pentagram metalhead jewelry, Beatles memorabilia, stacks of dusty cassettes, popstar postcards, DJ equipment, creaky wooden floors, checkered muscle shirts, and Thompson Twins buttons have in common? All stuff you might have purchased at Luke's Record Exchange. Except you can't anymore because he's going out of business again.

As is usually the case, I feel like I should have gone there more. As if my occasional used CD purchases would have saved that place. I still have a metal skull bracelet I bought from Luke at the Pawtucket Octoberfest when I was... 16. It's completely awful but I still wear it every now and then. I was intoximacated when I bought it so there's your excuse.

This morning I popped in a used cassette I picked up that was labelled "Boston Celtics Play-Off BB 6/3/88". And it's the conclusion of the game. The Celtics lost. One of the radio guys is Glenn Ordway, who you know as an EEI loudmouth. Or jackhole, if you prefer.

By the way, while you're trick-or-treating you can stop by Campanelli Stadium in Brockton and have your picture taken with the mascot. MMM... smells like wet leaves.

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