Pawtucket kids sick of that shit.

Alejandro Machado, Corky Miller, Ken Huckaby, Carlos Pena, and Hee-Seop Choi. Free agents now.

Just typing those names takes me back. Machado, I'll miss YOU the most!

Guys, I realize that Pawtucket looks like the ass-end of the Industrial Revolution, but let's not forget RI's miles of coastline and sea-faring colonialness. Don't be strangers, now!

By the way, Rhode Islanders like to trade stories of meeting people who think Rhode Island is a) an island
b) in New York
c) in Europe
d) made up

So unless Jeff Bailey is ending his year-long catching sabbatical, Pawtucket is currently receiverless. Just stick a lawn chair in there, RJ. See you in April... or March if a miracle happens.

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