Bob Feller: Three-dimensional?

After hearing a few unpleasant facts about Bob Feller from NYC JS, I decided to do a little investigating. (Many people do not know this about me: I was once a reporter/photographer for a newspaper that never saw the light of day. I never actually did any reporting/photographing, but I was hired and even had a press pass. It was glorious.)

I started (and finished) by asking Baseball Insider and Green Fly Bob OCD. I think I kind of get what Feller does: He swaps signed items with other hall-of-famers and then sells them at his museum. The museum isn't really his. It's owned and operated by a married couple in tiny Van Meter, Iowa. Bob Feller was born there.

I guess there's nothing wrong with him doing this, but Bob Feller is a racist and rude little kitten-kicker. Don't let the twinkling eyes and white hair fool you.

Is Randy Flores related to Ron Flores?

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