2008 Granite State Baseball Dinner: Better Luck Next Time

Oh, yeah, I went to that about a week ago. I got there pretty late due to a)inviting someone with serious time management deficiencies, b)traffic and c)weather.

I started drinking as soon as I got there to ease my guilt and annoyance and as a result, nothing really stands out. I've probably had more fun at wedding receptions. The governor spoke and I wanted to ask the woman next to me if he was doing a good job. Don Orsillo talked a lot. Pesky said a few words.

The one thing that stands out is when the shuttle driver was bringing us back to the car, I mentioned that there was no after-party.

"Oh, you would be SO wrong about that!" the driver said. I pressed for details but he clammed up. Rats!

I'll go back next year with someone else and stay away from the booze.

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