Scott Atchison is a righty.

He's 31, he's from Texas, and last season he pitched for the Giants. Give it up for reliever Scott "Scatch"* Atchison!

Atchison left San Francisco with a 4.11 ERA and 25 Ks and 10 walks. That calls for the K/BB ratio, but I don't mess with that, son. That's slightly below league average. He was originally drafted by the Mariners in '98. That's the important stuff.

In super-trendy list form, here's the unimportant:
1. Middle name: Barham! I have never heard that name before.
2. Whoops... screeching brakes. Scott Atchison has peaced out of his contract and signed with Japan's Hanshin Tigers.

See you later!

*may not be actual stupid nickname

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