dos zurdos

The Boston Red Sox have just signed a pair of lefty pitchers to minor league contracts. They are Jon Switzer and Michael Tejera.

If you'd like more information about these two gents, you can click on the links. I'm not going to get into it until the first week of April and I get to see what's what. Or I suppose I could watch some spring training games, since they've both been invited. It's also possible I've seen either or both of them in Pawtucket with the Indianapolis Indians (Tejeda) or Durham Bulls (Switzer). I could end up hating them both! Can't wait to find out!

Side note: Michael Tejera is from Cuba. That is tremendous. I was looking at pictures of the Hotel Nacional de Cuba and it is stunning. Stupid embargo!

Also, happy birthday to my brother Tom, a lifelong Yankees fan. May he endure a loss during the potential annual trip to NYC. FINALLY.

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Baseball Diva said...

Gil Velazquez? With the BoSox?

Gil's one of My Guys.

Rice Krispie Treats for Gil.