I'm not a loser.

I didn't manage to get any tickets for myself the other day, but that's okay. I only kinda sorta wanted Diamondbacks.

What I'm really looking for are a)opening day b)last series of year or c)monster seats.

I like to attend a game in the last series of the year, but this year it's the Yankees. So I'm screwed?

I know a great guy who loves the Red Sox but as far as I know has never been to Fenway. And I suspect it's not financially possible for him to do that. I would love to get tickets for this guy. And just say, hey, I can't go to this game, but you go and take your wife or brother or one of your kids or something. To me that would be better than going myself. I've been a hundred times and what's a pair of tickets to me?

This year I'm going to Buffalo and Brewer Park and Frontier Field in Rochester. And a Yankees game with my brother, which looks like it'll be an annual excursion.

In a related story, I've settled my cable TV debts and I'm now laying the groundwork for digital cable so that I may get the MLB package. And switch from dial-up to high-speed internet. Yes, I am still on dial-up. Yes, it does suck. No, I can't watch videos online.

Have fun this year everyone! Let's play some ball!

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