Benny Agbayani: Concepts, Contributions, and Reflections

Benny "Hawaiian Punch" Agbayani was a Hawaiian outfielder dude who played for Boston after being claimed off Rockies' waivers in August of '02. He was released during the 2003 spring training. He played in 13 games, batting .297 with an OBP of .395. No home runs or anything... just a double. It looks like he was intentionally walked in one game. I wonder which pitcher? I wonder which team was so terrorized by the mighty Benny A. that the manager called for the IBB?

Okay, it was Willis Roberts of the Orioles at Camden Yards. Who? WHAT?! The score was tied at the top of the 14th on September 23rd. God damn, Baseball Reference is fucking awesome.

Agbayani had previously been on the Mets and is probably best remembered for a walk-off home run in the 2000 NLDS. The opposing team was the Giants... wow. And then, the Subway Series! The Mets won only one game, and Agbayani drove in the game-winning run off El Duque. I know a lot of Mets fans are probably reading this, so pour a little out for Benny!

Currently, Agbayani is doing the Japanese thing with the Chiba Lotte Marines. Believe it or not, he's got an autobiography which I am going to buy immediately. It's called "Big League Survivor".

et Aaliyah:
1. Graduated from Hawai'i Pacific University. HPU. Not High Point in NC. Degree in Human Services. He actually took classes in the off-seasons to get his diploma.
2. Got married at home plate 1998 right before the AAA All-Star game in Tidewater (The Norfolk Tides [NYM] used to be the Tidewater Tides).

3. At one time, Kimo Bean Stores sold Benny Bean 100% Hawaiian Coffee (named after Agbayani). Wow, I love coffee!
4. Was paid $100,000 after being released by Boston. It's called termination pay. Don't you think that's a lot of money? Is there any other job where you get a fat bonus for essentially being fired?
5. There's a little internet fuzziness on BA after the Red Sox released him. Many sites have him listed as a Royal with no stats. And then I've read that the Reds picked him up that same spring.
6. Has been interviewed by both Regis Philbin and Howard Stern.
7. "Benny Agbayani, he has some pretty good numbers against Andy Pettitte," [Grady]Little said. I can absolutely hear Grady's voice in that one statement.

Thanks, Ben!

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