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That was great!

PawSox '08:

Joe Thurston, who I thought was that big first-baseman in the Braves Org., is going to be so cool to see in Pawtucket. Scott Thorman, is that who I am thinking of?

Kottaras had a good night but I still think he sucks.

It turns out Brandon Moss only played first base once while he was in the Dominican. And they're going to keep sticking him there, I guess to torture him. It sure doesn't seem like a versatility showcase. Poor kid.

Jeff Bailey looked bigger. Like he did chin-ups during his break at the Washington paper mill. Unfortunately, he struck out during his only at-bat. I hope he figures everything out and doesn't get K-happy like he did in Pawtucket last year. Also, he has a beard, which does wonders for him. It beats the Jon Lester Patented Hardship Goatee.

Gil Velazquez has a mean, mean face. And mean, mean pride.

Jonathan Van Every! Dan Kolb! Lee Gronkiewicz! Keith Ginter! Chris Carter with unnecessary eyeblack!


Alejandro Machado is still alive! I'm pretty sure he can take down Nick Punto, who must be about 45 at this point.

Other notable Red Wings: On-base machine Tommy Watkins and Garrett "Velvet" Jones. Denard Span started! I'm so glad for him. Chris Basak! STILL!

Normally I avoid using this many exclamation points, but it's a special occasion. I have nothing in-depth to say. I'm just excited, is all. I promise in the future I'll scatter in a few statistical insights.

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