What the hell. It seems like everyone should start playing baseball like, tomorrow. Instead the first baseball game I am scheduled to attend is April 3rd. April! That's 44 fucking days away! Yeah, I know they're doing it in Arizona and Florida, but how does that help me?

The Buffalo Bisons and the Rochester Red Wings have not even started selling single game tickets yet. ANY DAY NOW, KIDS!!! Brewers tickets go on sale Saturday and I can't wait. I'm wondering if there will be a VWR for Milwaukee. I heard it from a friend who heard from a friend who said they're mad tailgaters in Beerland, WI. I am insanely excited about going to Milwaukee. I have wanted go there forever... and not even for baseball reasons. Not to hang out with Alice Cooper or Andrew Squigmond. Only because it is beautiful.

February is agony. And when March comes, I won't even be able to enjoy the evolution of spring. Or the coming of Easter, since my Lenten sacrifice has been rather difficult.

Even my mother is attending a Cactus League game. Brewers v. Mariners with a side of Sausage Race. "HIC-(killme)-UP".

PS Coco Crisp may ask to be traded. Does that make a difference? "Can you please trade me?" "NO." "Okay." Or do they say "Let's see what we can do" and then make a few phone calls? Baseball is confusing and liarhead.

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