Trying to figure out five favorite and five least favorite players of the last five years.

Like Chris Carter... Sure, I ripped on him here and there, but did I really hate him? Did it have something to do with hearing Bad Things about him? His annoying condescending high school jock routine? Being an overachiever, bad outfielder, daydream believer?

Kris Johnson? He sucked and I hated him, but was he any worse than, say, Abe Alvarez? Yes, because Alvarez never would have worn such a stupid hat. Abe Alvarez made it to the big leagues, at least, and had that one good Toronto game.

I already know who my favorite player is, and maybe the second favorite, but then there's a plummet downward. Is Carlos Maldonado top five? Brandon Moss? Marcus McBeth?

I'll have all this ready to go before I leave for Pittsburgh tomorrow. The timing of the end of IL ball is great, because you have no idea what I have been up to lately.

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